I am currently involved in the delivery of the following modules at King's College London:

  • Probability and Statistics I (lectures, tutorials, assessment)

  • MSci project in Mathematics (supervision, assessment)

  • BSc Project in Mathematics (supervision, assessment)

  • MSc in Complex Systems Modelling (summer project supervision)

Current PhD student

Ziyou Wang

This is a joint supervision with Dr Maria Kalli (King's College London), commencing October 2022. I am secondary supervisor.

Former PhD students and Postdocs

Jessica Silva Lomba

Jessica held a prestigious PhD studentship from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology for developing research in statistics of extremes at the Centre for Statistics and Applications, University of Lisbon.

This is a joint supervision with Prof. Isabel Fraga Alves (University of Lisbon).

Jennifer Israelsson

Jennifer was a PhD student at the Mathematics of Planet Earth CDT, Reading, whose research project is concerned with detection of the effect of climate change on the likelihood of extreme rainfall/temperature events in Africa, and subsequently of adverse agricultural outcomes. The project also assessed the representation of extreme events in TAMSARv3. The system for TAMSAT-ALERT works by driving an impact model with multiple possible realisations of the weather, and then interpreting the resulting ensemble in terms of risk.

Jennifer's PhD was part of a co-supervision with Prof. Emily Black (University of Reading) and Dr David Walshaw (Newcastle University).

Evandro Konzen

From 2019 to 2021, Dr Konzen held a Postdoc position in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Reading, as part of my EPRSC Innovation Fellowship.