At the University of Reading, I have been involved in delivering the modules:

  • Convenor, Part 1 Probability and Statistics (lectures, tutorials, assessment)

  • Lecturer, Part 1 Real Analysis (tutorials)

  • Lecturer, Part 2  Probability and Statistical Theory (lectures, tutorials, assessment)

  • Lecturer, Part 3 Statistics Project (supervision, assessment).

Current PhD student

Jennifer Israelson

Jennifer is a PhD student at the Mathematics of Planet Earth CDT, Reading. Jennifer's research project is concerned with detection of the effect of climate change on the likelihood of extreme rainfall/temperature events in Africa, and subsequently of adverse agricultural outcomes. The project will also assess the representation of extreme events in TAMSARv3. TAMSAT-ALERT works by driving an impact model with multiple possible realisations of the weather, and then interpreting the resulting ensemble in terms of risk. This is a co-supervision with Prof. Emily Black (Department of Meteorology, University of Reading).