I am Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at King's College London

I have been awarded an EPSRC Innovation Fellowship for the project "Multivariate Max-stable Processes with Application to the Forecasting of Multiple Hazards


My research activity centres around extreme value statistics, with strong focus on detecting and forecasting spatio-temporal trends in extreme events.


For over 15 years, my research in extreme value theory has been informed as much as driven by a number of applications arising in hydrology (heavy rainfall, sea level rise) demography (supercentenarian’s lifespan), public health, and more recently, in the energy sector (e.g. electricity demand, safety issues in nuclear infrastructure).

Academic Appointments
  • Lecturer, University of Reading (2015-21)

  • Assistant Professor, University of Aveiro (2006-15)

  • I earned my PhD in Statistics and Operational Research in 2006, from the Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon

  • Teaching Assistant, University of Aveiro, Portugal (2000-06)

  • Teaching Assistant, University of Beira Interior, Portugal (1996-2000)

Past Academic Appointments
Recent Activity
Maths of Planet Earth CDT

During my time at Reading, I was involved with the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE) at the University of Reading.

To find out more about the MPE CDT, click here. ​